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Well-Being Election Drop-In Hours

Date/Time: Week before, of and after election

Host: WB

Contact: Colin Campbell


Election Support

November 2–13

Call CAPS 650-723-3785 to schedule

CAPS is offering individual support sessions for election-related stress to all Stanford students during election week and the week thereafter (Week of November 2-November 13). If you are interested, please call CAPS at 650-723-3785 and ask to schedule an election-related support session when speaking with the front desk staff.

Election Support Hours

Oct 27 — Nov 11

Tuesdays, 3-4pm I Wednesdays, 4-5pm

Zoom link here

Join Well-Being at Stanford Coaches in this safe space to talk about anything and everything related to the election, get the care and guidance you need for the weeks ahead.


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Managing Election Stress in your Family

Watch the video here (35min)

Conflict in your family around the election? CAPS therapists Marissa Nunes-Moreno and Amy Wilkinson talk about feelings, conflict, and ways to take care of yourself in times of conflict with loved ones.

Watch the STOPP skill video here (7min) 

Dr Marissa Nunes Moreno of CAPS shares and demonstrates how to apply STOPP. Use this skill when managing your feelings around conflicts with family or friends.


Featuring CAPS therapists Amy Wilkinson, LCSW, and Marissa Nunes-Moreno PhD 

Coping with Election Stress for International Students 

Haidi Song, MA 

CAPS therapist Haidi Song helps you recognize, and cope with, stress related to living in the US as an international student during the US election season. 

How to Manage Election Stress  

Lindsay Ellch PsyD 

Get tips to reduce stress and anxiety this election season, and create a personalized plan for managing stress before, during, and after election day. 

Election First Aid Kit for Queer Folx

The Presidential election may cause anxiety, stress, uncertainty, and many other feelings. Weiland has teamed up with QSR, Well-Being, YogaX and more to provide supports and resources for the queer community in such anxiety-provoking times. Check out this Election First Aid Kit for 5 tips on getting through this week.