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Law of Democracy | LAW 7036 Section 01 Class #1104

2020-2021 Winter (January 4, 2021-March 8, 2021)

Professor Nathaniel Persily

1L:Winter Elective (Open to First-Year JD Students)

This course is intended to give students a basic understanding of the themes in the legal regulation of elections and politics. We will cover all the major Supreme Court cases on topics of voting rights, reapportionment/redistricting, ballot access, regulation of political parties, campaign finance, and the 2000 presidential election controversy. The course pays particular attention to competing political philosophies and empirical assumptions that underlie the Court's reasoning while still focusing on the cases as litigation tools used to serve political ends. Elements used in grading: Class participation and final exam. Cross-listed with Communication (COMM 361) International Policy (INTLPOL 351), and Political Science (POLISCI 327C).

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